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I am a statistical consultant with experience in supporting research in the life and social sciences. I have particular expertise in the areas of statistical modelling and statistical programming using the open source software R. I am also an Associate Fellow of the Statistics Department at the University of Warwick.

Services I can provide include:

For any enquiries, please contact me via email or LinkedIn.


September 2015: I have been voted in as an Ordinary (i.e. voting) Member of the R Foundation.

Interview at useR! 2014. Watch me share my views on using R, women in statistical computing, package development and consulting. Further background and other interviews in the series on DataScience.LA.


I work with a number of consultancies, in particular:

Open Analytics
A consulting company specializing in statistical computing using open technologies.
The Research Network
A provider of Pharmaceutical R&D scientific consultancy, project management, outsourcing and due diligence services.
D4E Consulting
A collaboration of professional statisticians and data scientists, specializing in drug discovery and development.