Dr Heather Turner

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Selected Talks

Modelling Item Worth Based on Rankings (YouTube). eRum 2018, Budapest, Hungary. This talk presents the PlackettLuce R package. Open the corresponding slides.

Generalized Bradley-Terry Modelling of Football Results. useR! 2013, Albacete, Spain, July 2013. This talk presents a generalization of the Bradley-Terry model, incorporating tied outcomes in paired comparisons. The approach is illustrated on football results from the English Premier League.

From L to N: Nonlinear Predictors in Generalized Models. IBS British and Irish Region, November, 2012. This talk, presented at the anniversary meeting Generalized Linear Models 40 years on presents the extension to nonlinear models and considers some of the technical challenges this brings. Illustrations are given of Goodman's row-column association models for contingency tables, biplot models for two-way data and stereotype models for ordinal data.

Modelling the Diluting Effect of Social Mobility on Health Inequality. RSS 2012, Telford, UK, September, 2012. This talk presents an application of Sobel's diagonal reference model to survey data from England and Wales.

Detecting Drug Effects in the Brain. useR! 2011, Coventry, UK, August, 2011. This talk introduces the gslcca package, under development at R Forge. The package implements a novel method for the analysis of electroencephalography (EEG) experiments.

BradleyTerry2: Flexible Models for Paired Comparisons. useR! 2010, Maryland, US, July, 2010. This talk introduces the BradleyTerry2 package for modelling paired comparisons/contests, see also the BradleyTerry2 webpage. The talk demonstrates how to allow for contest-specific effects and model ability by player attributes, with illustrations from the NCAA Men's Division I ice hockey and a lizard behavioural study.

Custom Functions for Specifying Nonlinear Terms to gnm. useR! 2008, Dortmund, Germany, August 2008. This describe how useRs can extend the capability of the gnm function, using novel discrete-time hazard models as an illustration.

Nonlinear Discrete-time Hazard Models for Entry into Marriage. Invited seminar, National University of Ireland, Maynooth, March, 2010. This describes an application of generalized nonlinear models.

gnm: a Package for Generalized Nonlinear Models. useR! 2006, Vienna, Austria, June 2006. This gives an introduction to the gnm package. The package has a dedicated webpage and may be downloaded from CRAN.

Multiplicative Interaction Models in R. Joint Statistical Meetings (JSM), Minneapolis, MN, USA, August 2005. This describes the use of the gnm package to fit multiplicative interaction models. This talk was awarded the 2006 Best Contributed Presentation Award of the ASA Statistical Computing Section.

Clustering Microarray Data. Eigth North American Meeting of New Researchers in Statistics and Probablity (NRC), Minneapolis, USA, August 2005. This was based on Chapter 3 of my PhD thesis, which contains more detail and further references.